The Importance of Educational Trips into Sustainable Places

As the planet’s climate becomes increasingly unstable and communities in some parts of the world become threatened, sustainable holidays become ever-more important. We cannot continue to allow unregulated travel, particularly by air and by car, without offsetting our impact in some way, and we cannot lay idle as people struggle to survive or thrive.

How do we spread the word about sustainable travel?

It’s not an easy task. Travelling sustainably would likely represent a big change for most people, and by its very nature, change is scary. Leaving our comfort zone always requires a big effort, and changing our regular habits is easier said than done. With all that in mind, it’s important to start somewhere manageable – and that’s where education comes in.

Change begins with education. Education is the process of learning, and we cannot expect change to occur without the necessary education taking place beforehand. Of course, climate change is on the national curriculum here in the UK, so children are getting an insight into the risks and the dangers of a warming planet. But climate change is no longer in the future; it is happening now. This summer saw wildfires, droughts, and severe flooding across the world – and all three occurred in Turkey. Teaching the next generation is critical, but it is not enough on its own. The current generation of adults must also take action – even if that means starting from scratch.

Educational trips offer adults the chance to combine an incredible holiday experience with an opportunity to learn about something new. One example is Hurtigruten, an adventure travel company that specialises in sustainability. Through the Hurtigruten Foundation, they educate guests on the impacts of the changing environment and some of these guests become ambassadors for specific destinations, to help spread the word further.

This sustainable cruise and ferry service is just one example of this practice, which can lead to people becoming more aware of their footprint outside of their travels too. Visiting places and using travel operators that are sustainable can teach people how to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives, a vital weapon in the fight against climate change.

Sustainability is going to be a key part of our future way of life. Currently, we are in the slow process of transitioning from our wasteful consumerism to using our resources in a more cyclical manner. However, nothing happens overnight and it’s helpful to get cues from people and places further along in their sustainable development than we are.

These educational trips can help you gain knowledge about sustainability in two areas: travel and tourism, and everyday life. You can then apply this to your own life and perhaps pass it on to friends and family, improving sustainability via word of mouth – still one of the most powerful techniques for spreading information.

Right now, the future of the planet hangs in the balance. Whilst your role in it may feel small, the cumulative impact of everyone making the necessary changes to their lives could be huge and pivotal. It is vital that we all come together now and do our bit, and deciding to take an educational trip surrounding sustainability is a great way to begin, if you haven’t already.

Benjamin Hobson
Creative Writing Executive (Author)