Please tell us as much about you that you deem relevant so that we can consider your application. This should cover areas of where you have travelled, what knowledge you have of the travel industry or systems you have used. It may include what job roles you have had in the industry or broader professional areas that would make you a suitable person to join us. If you have worked for another travel franchise and want to switch, please tell us who this was and why you want to leave them.

    Anything you provide in this form will be treated in strictest confidence. We also ask these questions to gain a better understanding of you and whether what we can offer is a suitable fit for both of us.

    Please note that to be accepted by us you must be eligible to work in the country you reside in and pay local taxes where required.

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    Joining the Travel Franchise Group team, receiving their support and years of experience has given me the confidence to provide fantastic holidays, knowing that they care for me and my customers.

    Sara Jardiner
    Bristol, UK
    Sara Jardiner