Do you love travel and want to turn this into a business?

Achieve uncapped earnings, unlimited travel opportunities and a better work/life balance

Do you love travel and want to turn this into a business?

Fancy working when you want, from where you want?

All you need is a laptop, internet connection and a network of customers to start your new business venture!

Fancy working when you want, from where you want?

How about joining a vast and exciting travel network?

We’ve got all types of travel covered and we are fully bonded by ABTOT and ATOL

How about joining a vast and exciting travel network?

Be part of a travel franchise business that cares

Our years of experience to support you, your customers and the destinations we travel to, is at the forefront of our focus

Be part of a travel franchise business that cares

What is a Travel Franchise?

A travel franchise business is a fully ATOL and ABTOT protected travel agency that can sell worldwide responsible holidays to your network of contacts or customers, even friends and family.

If you’ve always wanted to sell holidays and have a passion for travelling, then a Travel Franchise business is the perfect option for you! Travel Franchise Group provide a comprehensive travel booking system, enabling you to use your customer service skills to sell exciting travel opportunities to your network. You will earn favourable commission on every travel service you sell.

As a responsible focused travel business, you can be reassured you are part of a network that cares about the future of our planet. We source suppliers that commit to sustainable practices, support NGO’s or charities and design itineraries that stay in locally owned responsible accommodation giving you peace of mind that your customers will experience a responsible holiday.

Our Promise


  • Digital Voice Calling
  • Online Chat Support
  • Professional Email Service
  • Video Meeting System

Our Travel Partners

  • Access to top travel brands
  • Support local responsible operators
  • Book bespoke adventure trips


  • Online customer travel centre
  • Live commission reporting
  • Dynamic travel packaging system
  • Run live virtual travel events


  • Operating for 20 years
  • Responsible travel operator
  • Internationally recognised


  • Video Training on demand from our operators
  • Receive ongoing support from our dedicated team
  • Gain travel knowledge on our Educational trips

Our Support Network

  • Dedicated support team
  • Travel professional network
  • Tourism board training

Travel Regulation Compliance

  • Travel package compliant
  • ATOL and ABTOT protected
  • Legally Contracted Operators

Your Partners in Travel

  • Sell FCO approved destinations
  • Amazing discounts for trade

Marketing for your Travel Franchise Business

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop a fully integrated travel booking platform from the ground up, allowing you to dynamically package all elements of a holiday. We have a team dedicated to supporting you and marketing your travel franchise business.

Search 1000’s of travel inspiration ideas, as well as our own tailor made responsible travel unique escapes. Design round the world adventures, city breaks or safari’s for your customers. Travel Franchise Group members represent themselves through our comprehensive travel brand Holiday Executives.

Travel Partnerships

We recognise that your travel franchise business will be dependent on the holidays that you can offer, and that means being able to provide a full range of holiday options. We have carefully selected a choice of leading tour operators that provide a complete variety of holiday experiences from adventure trips, small luxury group tours and rail journeys, to bespoke tailor made itineraries and special occasions such as honeymoons and anniversaries.

We do not just provide you this choice, we go a step further having partnered with a unique array of ‘Destination Travel Operators’ that are delivering responsible holiday experiences that allow clients to give back and connect with the country they are visiting.

Responsible Destination Travel Operators

Travel and holidays are a special time, a time for many to unwind and relax, immerse into new cultures or go on a full blown adventure. Whatever the holiday experience, now more than ever, it is time to protect the destinations we visit.

How do we go on a holiday and make a responsible choice? Who can help make that decision of where to travel and which tour operator to travel with?

We have partnered with the best responsible travel operators that actively deliver sustainable practice in tourism. We hand select our travel operators based on simple but essential criteria:

  • Travel operators based within the country people are visiting
  • Supporting local community projects
  • Efforts to reduce tourism pollution and plastics
  • Contributing to local environmental projects
  • Conservation planting schemes, either through donation or self participation
  • Fair local employment standards and anti-slavery policies

Travel Franchise Group is looking for Responsible Travel Agents willing to lead the way in responsible tourism with the aim of preserving our precious planet to be enjoyed by future generations. Read our article on the importance of educational trips into sustainable places as we endeavour to increase the awareness of the climate crisis occurring.

Social Impact

We operate our very own charity United Through Sport and social impact brand Changing Worlds to see how we sustainably put back into the countries we work in.

Join Us & Cost

Start Your Travel Franchise Business £450

Have you always had a passion for travel and willingness to share your experience with others?

Do you have the ability to inspire and design unique responsible holidays?

If the answer is yes then join us. Here is what we offer:

  • Ongoing Training – Learn the responsible travel way, become a travel professional
  • Educational Trips – To be knowledgeable in travel our partners offer educational familiarisation trips
  • Business Communication – Email, digital business cards, online webinar meetings, digital contact number*
  • Networking and Marketing Support – Business introduction marketing solutions
  • Travel Booking Management System – Customer Relations Management (CRM) and booking platform
  • Customer Travel Centre – Digital quoting and booking website for customer login
  • Full ABTOT and ATOL Protection – Reassurance that your customers are protected
  • Full Back Office Support – Our dedicated support team to help with reservations and marketing
  • Flexible Working – Manage your own business hours around your life
  • Excellent Earnings – Unlimited earnings potential

Complete our online registration form

No Monthly Management Charge for year one

After a successful first year a monthly management fee will be applied of £45 per month.

*Includes a full business suite of apps, cloud storage and a professional online voice calling app.

FAQs & Help

What experience do I need?

We have various options available to suit almost everyone. If you are new to the travel industry but show an aptitude to run your own travel franchise business and have a network to sell travel to, then we want to hear from you. We will set you up with all the right tools to be a success.

Why would anyone want to buy travel from my travel franchise business?

If you are good at building personal relationships, then this is a great starting point. It’s important to build up trust and if you have a good network of contacts then people will buy from you. You’ll also take extra care and want to provide a great level of customer service, so your client’s continue to come back to you year on year for their travel requirements. In essence, you will act as their own personal travel assistant.

How do I join the Travel Franchise Group?

Firstly, you need to be passionate about travel and the world we live on. We want people to join us that care about the planet as well as protecting it for future generations. You should also have a desire to help others arrange their travel experiences.

Before contacting us, it’s important that you have a good read through this website. We also actively encourage you to research our competition and weigh up the various options available to you and the cost implications of purchasing a travel franchise business. It is important that the fit is both right for you and us. We believe we are competitively placed, will provide you with the support you need and also take an ethical approach to our operations and charity work that distinguishes us from other travel franchise business groups.

If these tick your requirements, then please complete our application process here.

Do you have any brand that I can work under to distinguish myself?

Yes. We have a range of brands you can work under depending on what area of travel you want to work in. Our most versatile brand that anyone can sell any type of travel under is Holiday Executives. You will be the holiday expert for your clients.

However, we have other brands that you can represent yourself under, which include Pure Breaks (high end travel with an eco-friendly and sustainable approach), Sporting Opportunities (sports tours, sports coaching, playing and courses for educational trips), or it could be to the career break market through our brand. We have more and will discuss these through with you.

Do I get any equipment to do the job?

We will provide you with a range of digital tools to do the job through our cloud travel management system. We wish to minimise our impact on the planet and therefore we encourage our community to use existing personally owned technology equipment such as phone and laptop but we provide online solutions to operate your travel business. For those operating under Holiday Executives we provide initial business marketing to help you generate a customer base.

How does the training work?

We have various different training programmes available depending on whether you have travel sales experience or not

You’ll be taught important factors about the travel industry and what makes the Travel Franchise Group different and our responsible travel approach. There will be workshops on how to use our booking systems to manage your clients and get you set up to be efficient in what you do.

On top of this we will show you where you can access online resources and self-help tutorials. That way, when you walk away you have all the tools you will need to start your travel business.

What do I earn?

You will earn commission on selling travel related experiences. This may be a whole range of components from accommodation, tours and activities in the country your client may want to purchase as part of one trip.

Travel Franchise Group has negotiated some of the best commissions in the industry and we even have our own unique trips that no-one else can sell.

As you load a quote for your client you will be able to see what you can earn. You will also be able to provide discounts allowing you to be truly competitive.

How much will I earn?

The Travel Franchise Group provides direct access to local tour operators giving you greater earnings. Travel franchises vary in size and the earning potential can be anything from £10,000 to over £100,000 per year depending if the travel franchise is operated on a part time or full time basis and other business and life commitments.

Do I have to take classes or tests?

Apart from our training and the workshops we provide, you may be asked, from time to time, to attend various industry based classes. This is purely in the interests of your career with us and keeping you up to speed with industry regulation to protect you and your clients.

We also work with many unique travel operators and tourism boards who put on training sessions and industry related functions. That way you can familiarise yourself with what they offer, from product to culture, providing a fun and informative way of learning. We will tell you about these so you can decide what is relevant towards your continuous travel and career development.

Can I choose my working hours?

Our model is to give you the most flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle. There is no set 9:00 to 5:00 here unless you want to set that structure with you and your clients. Depending on your type of marketing and selling habits, there may be events that require you to work weekends or evenings but then you decide if that is right for you and the more contacts you can create the more holidays you can sell and the more earnings you can make.

Where can I work from?

A lot of the industry calls this homeworking but we really don’t think this is the case and sounds very limiting. Many people find working at home comfortable, easy and cheap and we very much support this if it is right for you. Others working in an office or co-working space will give them a sense of comradery and social interaction. Whatever your preferred space to work from for your travel franchise business, we set you up to be able to work with just a laptop, internet connection and phone.

You are likely to want to market yourself at various functions and events relevant to the types of travel you may specialise in. This maybe at a wedding fair so you can sell honeymoons, it might be at a university careers and global opportunities fairs to tell students about the gap year travel opportunities and internships we offer, or it could be to a sports club to sell a football tour to Africa. Should you wish to do this you may need to take out public liability insurance.

What does it cost to join the Travel Franchise Group?

The price to start your travel franchise business is £450

Travel Franchise Group provide the training, support and travel package compliance through ABTOT and ATOL bonding. Gaining knowledge and training in the field cannot be more valuable to your success along with our dedicated support team means you can be focused on your customers!

What happens after I have made payment to join?

One of our support team will be in touch to discuss your training programme through and find a suitable date to start. We’ll also discuss your availability to join us this maybe on a 1 to 1 basis or with other depending on the numbers joining at the time.

What do I have to pay each month?

The join us information section details the latest charges. We make this charge to cover a contribution towards our back office support and admin team, ongoing technical development so you benefit from new releases as well as covering costs of licences and bonding. However your first year is free to allow you time to set yourself up and generate an income.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid in the month of your client’s trip start date, subject to the trip being fully paid for.

You will also be provided with a report in our system that will show you your earnings by month, so you can easily invoice us to pay you.

Do you provide new enquiries for me?

We will direct leads that we have generated from one of our travel websites to certain travel franchises that have earned that opportunity. This generally applies to those that we see being most active, can work as a specialist in a certain area of travel or can represent one of our travel brands in the right way.

So in the early stages of joining us you would need to consider who you can sell travel to from your own personal network of friends, family and other contacts. We also actively encourage you to get out there and creatively market yourself in your local area to generate new leads. As part of your training with us, we will provide ideas and support to help you be most effective in this area.

What back office support do you provide me?

Not many people like admin, so we have that covered too. Our dedicated team will support you throughout any stage of the sales process but it is up to you to talk with your clients and provide them with suitable quotes for their travel needs, using our online travel management system.

However, once your client books a trip, we just require you to confirm a few details through our online system. The rest is handed over to our reservations and accounts team, leaving more time for you to get back and arrange your other clients travel needs.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge in issuing tickets, informing our overseas operators of your clients’ trips and any particular requests as part of the booking. We’ll also handle all invoicing, refunds and cancellations.

What happens with arranging my own holiday plans?

Naturally, whilst you are with us, you will benefit from great discounts on your own personal travel needs. Additionally whilst you are away, we can offer support through our travel buddy system so any particular clients of yours that you want us to look after can be.

On top of this and given our strong operator relationships, we’ll be able to offer you a number of educational trips around the world from time-to-time (subject to conditions). This will hugely boost your educational understanding, allowing you to sell more holidays in more destinations but let’s be realistic, it will be a nice holiday (with a bit of work) too!

What travel protection do I have for my clients and their financial security?

We are full bonded through ABTOT and ATOL, so you can rest assured that any money your clients pay to us is fully protected under the Travel Package Regulations.